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      Jinhu Hecheng Tools Co,.Ltd.

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      Contact: Mr. Hong

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      First, ethical culture

       Honest Integrity is the foundation of this, is every person's behavior Honest first criteria.

       Integrity for the customer is a customer-centric, and establish customer-oriented service concept, no commitment can not do.

       Faith in the staff, honest faith, integrity Frank is an important quality employees. Integrity also includes employees of corporate

      responsibility and loyalty.

       Second, the customer culture

       Customer first, success consistently strive for the customer.

       The establishment of customer culture. Always keep the customer's enthusiasm. Our customers want products or services, a

      customer would like a price, but also to ensure that the target customers understand the benefits of the services provided by

      companies where. Not only that, we need to keep their promises to customers and anticipate future needs.

       Third, the professional culture

       Professional, is to have professional quality staff, through learning, training and development to enhance their professional

      knowledge, professional standards, provides professional services to customers, create professional corporate image.

       Fourth, the learning culture

       Learning is a virtue, learning the successful experience of advanced enterprises, with an open mind towards all the criticism.
       The world is becoming increasingly unpredictable, and the only certainty is that we have pre-emptive strike to adapt to environmental

      changes. We create an enabling knowledge sharing and value-added enterprises a new corporate culture of knowledge as our most

      important resource, supporting organizations and staff to effectively acquire, create, share and use knowledge to improve the core

      competitiveness of enterprises, to become a learning the organization.

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